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Posts tagged with 'Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE'

23 Jul, 2010

Tango takes two

Posted by John Day

John Day Have you ever been stuck in traffic and envied the motorcyclist who can ride between lanes? It would be nice to be able to do that, but motorcycles are not for everyone. They can tip over rather easily, and don’t protect riders from the elements. On the other hand, they are quite efficient at transporting one or two people from point A to point B. Rick Woodbury gave this considerable thought back in … Read More

battery electric vehicle, Commuter Cars Corp., Add new tag, Rick Woodbury, Tango electric vehicle, Progressive Automotive, Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE

29 Jun, 2010

John Day Suppose you were competing for a share of the $10 million Progressive Automotive X-Prize. You’d have to design and build a car capable of at least 100 miles per-gallon or the energy equivalent (MPGe), with low emissions, and have a viable plan to bring it to market. Wouldn’t the obvious choice be a hybrid or electric drive? The Edison2 team founded by Virginia real estate developer and racing enthusiast … Read More

Oliver Kuttner, Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE, Edison2, Ron Mathis, Very Light Car

19 May, 2010

Timing is everything

Posted by John Day

John Day ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) has been building electric vehicles since 1994 and claims to have delivered more than 117,000 vehicles of various kinds to military, government and corporate fleets. Its Alias sports car survived the Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE Shakedown stage earlier this month and is now one of 27 vehicles contending for a share of the competition’s $10 million pot. “In the ‘90s, no one … Read More

ZAP Alias, ZAP, ZAP Hangzhou, Chevrolet Volt, electric power meters, A-380 SUV, Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co., Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE, Steve Schneider, Holley Group, Nissan Leaf

10 May, 2010

Disruptive innovation

Posted by John Day

John Day One of the teams competing for the Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE asks in its literature what the computer industry would be like today if Wang, Data General and DEC were still the only manufacturers. Remember them? Future Vehicle Technologies (FVT) goes on to say that North America “desperately needs the inventors – the small groups of passionate people who push the envelope and bring disruptive innovations … Read More

eVaro, Energy Innovation Group, Ford F-150, Todd Pratt, regenerative braking, Wang Laboratories, Linear Technology Corp., brushless DC motors, lithium polymer batteries, Data General, plug-in hybrid, battery management system, Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE, EIG, Freescale Semiconductor, electric drive system, Future Vehicle Technologies, DEC, FVT, Digital Equipment Corp., high-speed CAN network

7 May, 2010

American Idol for Autos

Posted by John Day

John Day Okay, so the Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE competition isn’t exactly like the TV program, because the public doesn’t get to vote on which vehicles will earn their developers a share of the $10 million that will be awarded in September. Consumers Union is evaluating a total of 36 vehicles from 28 teams in two categories – Mainstream (four-wheeled vehicles able to carry four passengers) and Alternative … Read More

Argonne National Laboratory, Consumers Union, American Idol, Progressive Automotive X-PRIZE, E85, Michigan International Speedway


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