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Electrical Analysis

Validate with simulation and analysis

Electrical faults can have a huge impact on the success or failure of a product in the market and simulation and analysis plays a key role in the early validation of the electrical system – where redesign is cheaper and simpler.

Electrical simulation & analysis was once the domain of specialist experts only. Simplicity and ease-of-use are key features of Capital simulation and analysis tools, bringing design validation capabilities into the hands of every electrical designer.

Simulation and analysis functions are standard features of Capital Logic allowing system and wiring designers to check voltages and current flows, simulate switch configurations and failure modes.


These optional products extend the simulation functionality to support validation of every state of the electrical system – eliminating risk from the design.

Capital SimCertify

Bullet proof design using FMEA
Capital SimCertify rigorously tests all possible circuit states, performing FMEA analysis to identify all failures and quantify their risk and probability.

Capital SimProve

Eliminate sneak faults
Capital SimProve rigorously tests all possible circuit states, identifying unintended functionality, such as sneak path faults, and can also detect missing or unimplemented functionality.

Capital SimStress

Size components for worst-case configurations
Capital SimStress rigorously tests all possible circuit states, identifies component and wire sizing problems, and recommends upgraded specifications for wires, fuses, etc to suit worst-case conditions.

Capital SimTransient

Validate transient behaviour
Capital SimTransient extends the simulation capability from steady-state analysis to transient analysis.

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