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Enterprise Tools

Interoperability for Capital tools

Capital Enterprise Tools Screenshot

Engineering design processes demand tight integration between every tool in the process – interoperability is a major driving force for companies and Capital provides the interfaces needed for interoperability.

Customization via the API

Capital is fully customizable via an API, providing control over the user interface design, provision of custom actions, custom design rule checks, custom reporting and many other parts of the process.

Integration with IBM's Rational Team Concert

The Capital integration with IBM's Rational Team Concert improves organizational communication and reduces errors and overruns by integrating Capital with change management flows orchestrated by Rational Team Concert.

The integration provides bi-directional synchronization and full status reporting of Work Items in Rational Team Concert with Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) in Capital. Work Items are authored in Team Concert and can be viewed and modified within Capital as ECOs; attribute and design status information defined in Capital is automatically synchronized with Team Concert; and full status reporting, including prioritized work-lists, is provided.

Electrical aspects flow automatically into Capital and become visible as ECOs; changes made in Capital are back-propagated into Team Concert; prioritisation can be set by the project manager in Team Concert and will flow through to Capital, providing improved visibility of progress together with rapid and accurate communication of work items.

Capital Style Manager

Intelligent automated styling
Intelligent styling can be used to create a library of different drawing styles to suit particular end-users. Styles can be changed at the touch of the button. Styles can also process design data to intelligently adapt or reconfigure to suit the design data – for example, recolor any wires that are integral with a device; or generate and display a signal table beside every device if it is an ECU.

Capital Enterprise Assets

Synchronize component libraries at multiple sites
Provides automated synchronization of component library data for companies with geographically dispersed Capital installations. Process management facilities provide full support for scheduling and component change tracking at the individual attribute level, including the time, site and librarian identity.

Capital Integration Server

API facility & Web services integration with other systems
Provides the Capital API facility including control over the user interface design, provision of custom actions, custom design rule checks, custom reporting and many other parts of the process.

SOA web service technology provides interfaces at many key gateways into the Capital electrical design tools allowing Capital to interoperate as master or slave with other systems such as PDM, component libraries, purchasing and costing systems.

Capital Enterprise Reporter

Web viewer of designs and data
Provides companies with web access to Capital design data including diagrams, data, and reports - allowing wide-scale access to electrical design data without needing specialized knowledge of the Capital Tools. Standard facilities include project and design browsing, intelligent diagrams with hyperlinked cross-references and access to all attribute data, AutoView diagram generation to create custom diagrams, generation of reports such as component lists, BOMs, and design comparison reports. The web browser, and all Capital data functions and reports are customisable using the API allowing companies to integrate the facility into their enterprise web tools.

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