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Create harness manufacturing documentation

Tools that minimize manufacturing costs and maximize quality by streamlining the creation of harness parts, variants, modules, and manufacturing documents.

Capital HarnessXC

Create and engineer ready-for-manufacture harness designs. Capital HarnessXC

Capital ModularXC

Create and engineer ready-for-manufacture harness designs and modular sub-assemblies. Capital ModularXC

Capital Harness TVM

Rapidly synthesize harness build processes & costs. Capital Harness TVM

Capital's Build Tools

Harness manufacturing is a low margin business where quality, accuracy and speed are essential to success. A mistake in specification of even the smallest component is magnified by large production volumes. Discovering an error in the customer specification, late in the process, can cause slippage and ill-will. A slow turnaround in quotation can lose the opportunity to bid. A small change to the specification of a manufacturing module or sub-assembly can make a big difference in both the material cost and the choice of manufacturing machinery.

Capital’s Build tools – Capital HarnessXC, Capital ModularXC, Capital FormboardXC, Capital Harness TVM and Capital Harness MPM – allow designers to rapidly create the drawings, reports, and data required in harness manufacture and build.

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Automation minimizes the data input from the user, speeding the process. Automated validation identifies problems early, when it’s cheaper to fix. Extensive user-controls, and customization facilities, allow companies to leverage the best expertise of their designers and increase their productivity.

The Tools

Capital HarnessXC

Capital HarnessXC is a graphical and design-management tool for authoring fully detailed, validated and manufacturing-ready harness designs. Automated part selection reduces errors and speeds the design process; decomposition of 150% harnesses into buildable variants is automated – including diagrams, parts selection and BOMs. Process management, 3D MCAD integration and change management controls simplify the design process and raise productivity.

Capital ModularXC

Capital ModularXC is a graphical and design-management tool that extends the functionality of Capital HarnessXC to provide modular breakdown analysis of 150% harnesses into sub-assembly modules. Both functional and manufacturing breakdown is supported. Functional breakdown allows designers to specify modules based on customer-option content. Manufacturing breakdown allows designers to specify modules based on content that is most easily manufactured and assembled.

Capital Harness TVM

Capital Harness TVM enables costing & process planning engineers to rapidly and accurately synthesize harness build processes & tasks, costs, manufacturing times, and more. Capital Harness TVM is designed to support both OEMs and Harness Suppliers with specific functionality designed to help the individual engineering tasks: OEM cost controllers, architects and designers; Supplier sales/quotation engineers, industrial engineers, and value engineers.

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