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Capital Harness MPM

Generate structured BOMs configured for specific factories

Capital Harness MPM is a graphical and process-management tool that can decompose harness designs into structured BOMs, optimized for the machinery and manufacturing resources available in the factory. Customizable rule-based elements are provided for all of the manufacturing processes needed and can be configured to determine the optimum processes needed to convert raw material into a finished harness.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use graphical and process-management tool auto-generates structured BOMs to drive ERP systems, raising the efficiency of the process planners and reducing cycle times
  • Automated, best-practice operation-sequences cuts manufacturing costs
  • Automated identification of common sub-assemblies cuts manufacturing costs
  • Configurable operations, operation-sequences, factory models support optimization of manufacturing processes and selection of production locations.

  • Configurable operations, operation-sequences, factory models capture best-practice process expertise that can be applied more widely across the organization.
  • Faster process planning supports longer-term planning of resources allowing companies to avert planning/manufacturing resource crises.
  • Reads harness design data from Capital HarnessXC, Capital ModularXC, VeSys 2.0 Harness.
  • Customisable output feeds for ERP
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