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Capital Level Manager

Optimize and validate product plans to minimize give-away cost

Capital Level Manager supplements Capital Desktop Architect, or Capital Integrator, to capture the vehicle product marketing plan (options offered, take rates etc). Precise configuration complexity data is then calculated to quantify how marketing and engineering decisions interact. This allows decisions to be examined and optimized, and helps quantify the impact of give-away choices. Final target configurations can be validated against the product plan eliminating the risk of mis-builds on the production line.

The Product Plan is a critical document in every company as it documents the marketing requirements for providing customer options. Its exact configuration can have a big impact on profitability as the high level requirements cascade into concrete requirements at the individual component level. Traditionally the effects of the product plan on the program profitability have been hard to model and finding the optimum configuration has been impossible.

In a nutshell, companies seek the balance between two ends of a spectrum, “Do we create an electrical system that supports every customer option, knowing it will contain many redundant parts that aren’t applicable for every car? Or do we create thousands of variant electrical systems that won’t have as many redundant parts, but need more complex engineering and manufacturing management?”

Capital Level Manager allows companies to analyse the impact of the product plan on the cost and profitability of the electrical system. Using the system, product planners can optimize the balance between the value of offering customers a wider choice of options (bigger market) versus the cost of engineering and managing the wider range of electrical parts to support the customer options – balancing the Value of Variety versus the Cost of Complexity.

The system provides detailed cost calculations based on exact costing of the individual wires and components needed for each of the customer options. Controls are provided allowing the planner to specify how the customer options proliferate into production parts and the definition of the production parts, including redundant “give-away” parts. It also provides validation of the product plan against the engineering/manufacturing plan to ensure that a valid configuration of harness parts is available for every customer configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximise profitability by optimizing the product plan for electrical harness proliferation.
  • Eliminate production-line mis-builds by validating that all customer options are supported.
  • Model the product plan, including markets, physical variants, and customer options -- including relationships and restrictions between these elements.
  • Generate and analyze all orderable configurations of vehicle using accurate cost & profitability models driven by links to wire/component definitions extracted from wiring designs
  • Configure proliferation of harness variants and give-away, and examine impact on cost & profitability.
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