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Capital Publisher

Create service documentation direct from existing wiring diagrams and other data sources

Capital Publisher creates service documentation direct from existing wiring diagrams and other data sources.

Capital Publisher is a graphical and design-management tool for authoring service documentation. Capital Publisher uses wiring data from the electrical designers which can be re-rendered into new diagrams with full diagram to diagram navigation. A full range of auto-formatting tools are provided, including multiple language translation outputs. A variety of facilities support hyperlinking with other data-sources such as specification sheets and component and assembly installation artwork. Capital Publisher designs can be distributed to service technicians providing vehicle-option specific views of the wiring and components, supported by click-and-sprout signal tracing.

Features and Benefits

  • Create service diagrams from wiring diagrams – eliminate time-consuming and error prone redrawing of existing data
  • Choose baseline content for each new service diagram and AutoView technology adds the details and generates the complete diagram – create a wider range of service diagram views
  • Option Filtering provides vehicle specific diagram generation – service technicians get better quality information , easier and faster than paper manuals

  • Language dictionary provides automated translation for all territories – minimises cost of entering new markets.
  • Page editor supports integration of wiring diagrams with hyperlinked design/page browser , specification sheets and assembly artwork – provides a richer “encyclopaedia” view of components and subsystems, helping the technician trace faults faster.
  • Web browser technology supports publication to 1000s of service technicians and allows faster electronic browsing of available resources and documentation.

Extend Capital Publisher

Technician Environment

Provide intelligent documentation to the Service Technician

Technician Environment

Installed at each of the service centers, Capital Publisher’s Technician Environment allows service technicians to access documentation created with Capital Publisher. Vehicle-specific documentation is generated on-demand, eliminating the need for technicians to interpret generic diagrams representing multiple customer options – a time-consuming and error-prone task. Click-and-sprout signal tracing on wiring diagrams allows technicians to rapidly identify potential cause of problems. Component behaviour and specification can be rapidly identified via easy-to-navigate multiple views - component location on the vehicle, wiring diagram, component specification – reducing the time taken for problem diagnosis.

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