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Define product plan and physical architecture

Capital Integrator

Optimize vehicle EE architecture to minimize cost and weight. Capital Integrator

Capital Level Manager

Optimize and validate product plans to minimize give-away costs. Capital Level Manager

Capital's Define Tools

Key vehicle platform attributes such as cost, weight and configuration complexity are usually the result of early decisions made in both engineering and marketing domains. Once taken these decisions are usually hard to reverse, so they impact the long term competitiveness of the vehicle. Capital tools in this domain link the engineering and marketing functions, providing quantitative decision support to aid architecture optimization.

Integrated with other stages of the Capital flow and with adjacent domains such as embedded software management, the tools also support design carry-over from previous platforms and flow data directly into the detailed design domain. They also support decision making during the life of the platform by allowing quantitative evaluation of new feature implementation alternatives

Capital Integrator

Capital Integrator provides a complete environment to study platform physical architectures: device placement, harness routing channels, in-line connector locations etc. Signal connectivity is mapped to architectures and wiring synthesized according to configurable rules. Flexible metrics such as cost, weight or component re-use are calculated and displayed in real time. Alternative scenarios can be captured and compared.

Capital Level Manager

Capital Level Manager supplements Capital Desktop Architect (or Capital Integrator) to capture the vehicle product marketing plan (options offered, take rates etc). Precise configuration complexity data is then calculated to quantify how marketing and engineering decisions interact. This allows decisions to be examined and optimized, and helps quantify the impact of give-away choices. Final target configurations can be validated against the product plan.

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