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Create logical, wiring and harness designs

Tools that maximize the productivity of intellectual resources by streamlining and automating the creation of electrical & wire harness designs.

Capital Logic

Create logical and wiring schematic designs interactively or using auto-generation facilities. Capital Logic

Capital Integrator

Optimize the architectural layout of functionality and cabling for cost, weight, and harness variants. Capital Integrator

Capital HarnessXC

Create and engineer costed and ready-for-manufacture harness & formboard designs. Capital HarnessXC

Capital's Design Tools

The complexity of the electrical design process for cars, aircraft and other complex products has grown dramatically within the past decade, driven by several factors:

  • Functionality has increased as the increased use of electronics has driven down the cost of providing functions that were once only available on premium products
  • Configuration Complexity has increased as OEMs seek to offer a wider range of customer options to widen their market offering.
  • The burden of design data management has increased with the introduction of Regulatory Mandates and Standards that ensure best-practice design.
  • The risk of litigation is demanding ever more intensive testing - most effectively achieved via virtual prototyping.

These factors are driving many companies to re-define their design processes, moving away from a series of compartmentalized activities towards a more integrated process where data can flow automatically and where more parts of the process can be automated.

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Capital’s design tools – Capital Logic, Capital Integrator, and Capital HarnessXC – provide design functionality for the major steps in the design process and is underpinned by a “datacentric highway” that allows data to flow between applications. The datacentric highway is a key element in optimizing the design process because it ensures that engineering changes can be automatically communicated and validated, without the need for designers to manually transcribe data between each of the design steps. Process management controls are integral to the tools, allowing companies to pre-define key design data and processes, minimizing the effort to create high quality designs.

Capital Logic

Capital Logic is a graphical and design-management tool for authoring both logical connectivity circuit designs (signals), and physical wiring circuit designs (wires, splices, multicores, etc). Automation facilities such as object naming and cross-reference generation speed the process, electrical simulation helps validate the connectivity, and release level management & automated design comparison help manage data throughout the process.

Capital Integrator

Capital Integrator is a powerful graphical and design-management tool for systems integration. Capital Integrator automatically merges generic sub-system signal connectivity with physical topology and option-content to generate fully-detailed vehicle wiring designs. This removes a huge part of the system integration task, saving time, improving quality, and leaving engineers free to innovate and investigate a wide range of physical architectures to determine the optimum layout.

Capital HarnessXC

Capital HarnessXC is a graphical and design-management tool for authoring fully detailed, validated and manufacturing-ready harness designs. Automated part selection reduces errors and speeds the design process; decomposition of 150% harnesses into buildable variants is automated – including diagrams, parts selection and BOMs. Process management, 3D MCAD integration and change management controls simplify the design process and raise productivity.

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