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Capital FormboardXC

Rapidly create manufacturing-ready formboard designs

Captial FormboardXC

Capital FormboardXC enables manufacturing engineers to create full-scale detailed formboard diagrams rapidly and easily.

Capital FormboardXC extends Capital HarnessXC and Capital ModularXC functionality to provide full-scale diagram capabilities linked to the baseline HarnessXC or ModularXC drawings – changes made in one diagram are automatically updated in the other diagram eliminating a common source of error.

Fixtures and other manufacturing elements can be placed interactively, or automatically using custom design rules, ensuring best-practice manufacturing engineering. Graphical style templates speed the design process by supporting the concurrent design of diagrams with different visual content – the engineer defines the bundle layout, connectors & wiring and the style template facility automatically generates the required graphical annotation entities – symbols, text, fonts, auto-colored insertion-views, etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful graphical and design-management environment for authoring formboard designs
  • Multiple-view facility allows editing in one diagram (e.g. XC harness drawing ) and automated update in related diagrams (e.g. formboard)
  • Multiple-view facility allows creation of different views of formboard and harness drawings – for example, shopfloor view, engineering view, customer view
  • Data-management facilities simplify revision management and eliminate transcription errors common to traditional file-based processes

  • Data-centric backbone simplifies project & process management, design change, cross-organization communication, and integration with upstream & downstream processes
  • Multiple view facility simplifies creation of drawings, automatically updates all related drawings when a change is made
  • Automated design rule checks identify problems and enforce best-practice
  • Graphical compare facility

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