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Capital Harness Classic

Powerful features with a traditional 2D CAD geometry interface

Capital Harness Classic Screenshot

Capital Harness Classic is a fully featured harness design, formboard and engineering tool with many powerful features built on a traditional 2D CAD geometry interface. The predecessor to Capital HarnessXC, Capital Harness Classic is used by most major harness manufacturers worldwide.

Capital Harness Classic is designed to speed the harness layout and engineering process by automating many of the tasks that are typically performed by the harness engineer, including part selection, decomposition of 150% harnesses into buildable harnesses, and creation of manufacturing reports.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully featured drawing environment with intelligent symbols and functions that automate many tasks
  • Automated part selection/configuration of connectors, terminals, tapes, etc – driven by user-configurable algorithms that validate the design
  • Provides composite 150% design and derivate/variant decomposition facilities that reduce workload and cuts time.
  • Automated Report generation cuts time, improves quality
  • Embedded design rule checking and error reporting ensure that designs are correct-by-construction, eliminating costly errors before production
  • Audit trail and design comparison facilities simplify change management and change tracking
  • Powerful 3D CAD integration and change management facilities support concurrent design iterations

Extend Capital Harness Classic

OEM Harness Styling

Leveraging the data-centric power of Capital Manager, the OEM modules extend the Capital Harness Systems product line.

OEM Harness Styling modules extend Capital Harness Classic functionality to manage harness data in a way tailored to the needs of the harness maker and represent information back to the customer in an OEM approved graphical format. Some of the OEM modules contain import and export data bridges that support key parts of the OEM flow.

Benefits and Features

  • Provides full integration with customer flows
  • Supported modules include:
    • Jaguar
    • Renault
    • Opel
    • PSA


Modular Harness Design

Automatic Harness Definition

Capital Modular enables harnesses to be defined automatically from a series of sub-modules corresponding to either a vehicle function or manufacturing process.

Benefits and Features

  • Enables harnesses to be defined automatically from a series of sub-modules corresponding to either a vehicle function or manufacturing process.
  • Graphical front end allows module inter-dependency to easily defined.
  • Processing algorithms define module structure and BOM automatically.
  • Graphical filtering enables sub-modules to be viewed at the click of a mouse.
  • Manages of a large and complex array on information eliminating user-error and facilitates a faster time-to-market.
  • Individual modules can be costing for labor time and material cost ensuring product profitability / facilitating effective process planning.


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