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Capital HarnessXC

Rapidly create detailed, manufacturing-ready harness designs

Capital HarnessXC enables harness engineers to create fully detailed, validated and manufacturing-ready harness designs rapidly and easily.

Conceived from the ground up to be highly configurable, companies can tailor the tool to meet their precise needs, both in terms of graphical outputs and they way designs are created and validated.

In addition, rules-based Collaborative Design Merge functions provide automated integration of multi-source design inputs at a detailed level, simplifying the task, and raising the efficiency of collaborative design.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful graphical harness design environment
  • Automated harness engineering, validation and reporting
  • Collaborative Design Merge raises efficiency of multi-site, parallel design
  • Seamless integration with other Capital tools

  • Powerful data integration interfaces with major MCAD platforms
  • Fully option and variant enabled
  • Graphical Styling Templates provide multiple, ‘single-click’, drawing formats


Automated Engineering and Validation

Part selection routines automatically add wires, multicores, terminals, seals, cavity plugs, tapes, tubes, heat-shrink sleeves and all other harness components to create a full manufacturing bill-of-materials.

Multiple, configurable, design-rule-checks are provided to ensure the final design meets the organization’s defined best-practices.

Automated engineering functions calculate: manufacturing wire lengths, bundle diameters, optimized splice positions, taping quantities, harness weight and other quantities describing the finished design.

Option and Variants (OV) Management

Multiple harness variants can be managed from a single150% design. The tool automatically identifies which components are assigned to which variant and compiles the manufacturing bills-of-material for each.

Collaborative Design Merge

Design changes from MCAD and other tools can be merged into existing harness designs continuously - without overwriting locally mastered design details and attributes. “Change policies” are used to control how Capital HarnessXC should respond to design changes originating from multiple sources; the system automatically assesses the design change impact and applies the changes to the harness design.

Data-Centric Architecture

Capital Integrator is built on a data-centric backbone that integrates each and every part of the design process, streamlining the flow of information as the design matures, and eliminating the requirement to manipulate files. Capital Integrator’s data-centric backbone simplifies the data management task and eliminates many of the time-consuming and error-prone data-entry tasks required with traditional design tools.

Project management, design management, change management and transparent integration with other enterprise applications are key capabilities of the system.

Graphical Styling Templates

Capital HarnessXC offers a unique capability to render multiple graphical representations from the same design via configurable Graphical Styling Templates. Using this, companies can create reference designs conforming to consistent in-house standards and styles, and automatically re-render the design – on demand - into the required styles of their customer/supplier organizations.

Design Change Management

The data-centric architecture of Capital is designed to facilitate change processes. Multiple change management capabilities are provided such as tabular & graphical difference reports; version management; and compatibility control (“build lists”).

Project and Process Management

Project norms such as naming conventions, design rule checks, customer options & variants can be defined and automatically applied. Process constraints such as release management sequence, design locking, user permissions and component naming can be mandated.

Extend Capital HarnessXC

Capital Insight

Configurable real time metrics to guide engineering decisions

Engineers often have multiple choices as they progress a design , whether at an early architectural optimization stage or for detailed component selection. These choices impact the ultimate cost, profitability, weight, component count, and a variety of other parameters that contribute towards making the best decisions.

Capital Insight gives engineers real time visibility of the impact of their decisions, and allows systematic trade-off studies to be rapidly conducted. Cost, weight and many other metrics can be compared between designs using a variety of graphical and tabular reporting formats. Metrics are easily configured and can be customized to support business objectives and reflect corporate intellectual property.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy to use real time metrics display and comparison tool
  • Provides on screen feedback to engineers plus formal reporting outputs
  • Manages multiple design scenarios for systematic comparison studies
  • Highly configurable metrics underpin support of corporate objectives
  • Can use data created within Capital and externally
  • Helps engineers make the best decisions and maximize their value-add
  • Compatible with Capital Topology, Capital Integrator, Capital HarnessXC, Capital ModularXC
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