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Capital Logic

Powerful graphical wiring design authoring and editing

Capital Logic is a powerful graphical and design-management environment for authoring both logical connectivity designs (signals), and physical wiring designs (wires, splices, multicores, etc).

Capital Logic may be used to design both sub-systems and to accomplish interactive system integration, i.e. the merging of multiple sub-systems into the physical structure.

Capital Logic is more than a schematic design tool, it provides a foundation for a complete Capital electrical design flow: from logical concept design through to harness design (using Capital HarnessXC).

Standard capabilities include an easy to use DC simulation facility, a powerful parts library, a symbol authoring facility with pre-defined standard symbols, and extensive project and data management tools that automate many of the time-consuming & error-prone tasks that are usually performed manually, by a designer.

Extend Capital Logic

Capital Topology

Define platform layout and route wiring using rules

Capital Topology and Capital Logic work together to provide an integrated design environment at both platform layout and wiring schematic abstractions.

Capital Topology allows users to define device (equipment) locations and harness bundle layout within a platform. Devices can be placed manually or automatically using configurable rules, then wiring designed within Capital Logic routed through bundle paths, again using automated rules. Constraints such as signal separation codes can be applied. Direct navigation between wiring and topology abstractions allows engineers to visualize their designs, and validate results against requirements such as FAA EWIS regulations.

Benefits and Features

  • Provides platform level electrical design and visualization, helping early stage platform layout
  • Allows direct navigation between wiring and topology abstractions, simplifying design change and decision making
  • Simplifies, automates and controls design tasks using rules driven device placement and wire routing
  • Provides early indication of wire-routing, bundle diameters, and harness complexity
  • Allows wire lengths to be back-annotated to support accurate voltage-drop, weight and other types of analysis

AutoView for Logic

Re-purpose wiring and logical diagrams

AutoView for Logic allows companies to generate a wide variety of logical and wiring diagrams directly from a user-defined selection of components defined in an existing set of diagrams, or from spreadsheet definitions.

AutoView allows companies to re-use existing diagrams, to create differently partitioned views of the same connectivity information, without the need for the same information to be manually re-entered – saving time and improving quality.

AutoView technology includes design rules and algorithms to control the layout of the generated diagrams. Generated diagrams can be modified interactively by the user to improve the aesthetics and Autoview can memorize and re-apply these modifications to later design revisions, streamlining the process and minimizing design effort.

Wiring diagrams and designs can be edited in Capital Logic or exported in a variety of graphical formats including hyperl-inked PDF, DXF and CGM.

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