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Automatically create intelligent documentation

Tools to reduce cost and improve accuracy of publications by creating formatted documentation directly from data sources. Ability to deliver highly navigable, vehicle/configuration-specific data into the service technician’s environment.

Capital Publisher

Create documentation packages by automatically repurposing engineering data. Capital Publisher

Technician Environment

Provide smart documentation to every service center. Technician Environment

Capital's Service Tools

Capital delivers technology to address both creation of electrical system documentation, and subsequent vehicle service. Capital Publisher is a powerful application that efficiently re-purposes design data to create documentation. Electrical design data can be validated, re-partitioned, and the output automatically formatted into multiple languages and graphical styles, including direct-from-data synthesis of new diagrams. Data from adjacent domains, such as 3D MCAD and 2D location views, can be automatically linked. As-built (as distinct from as-designed) data can also be incorporated, enhancing documentation accuracy. Output packages from Capital Publisher can be posted to existing documentation environments, such as content management systems or applications built around the S1000D standard. Common file formats are supported, including Web-CGM.

Taken together, these technologies greatly streamline documentation creation and create digital continuity from design to the documentation & service domains. Data synchronization and re-entry errors are avoided, as is task duplication.

Just as important, Capital Publisher can create smart packages that contain both formatted data and also offer rich assistance for the service technician. This assistance delivers intuitive, highly navigable display of schematics, wire lists, connector faceviews, location diagrams and other types of associated data. Advanced features such as signal tracing, schematic "click & sprout" and configuration-specific or vehicle-specific presentation greatly simplify technicians' troubleshooting tasks, especially when integrated with a diagnostic environment. Involving zero software installation, the smart packages may be delivered by any suitable means: website, email, CD, memory stick etc. The capability is designed for use in extended, access-controlled environments such as service networks.

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