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Modular harness techniques for mass customization (KSK)



Mentor KSK Workshop is designed to bring you up to speed on all of the powerful capabilities within Capital Modular XC. But it also provides a great opportunity to:

  • Understand how the technologies were designed for seamless integrated process flows
  • Get illustrated the differences between using derivative and modular designs
  • Get practical advice from Mentor experts who understand how tools operate most efficiently
  • Participate in discussions on how on how to perfect the use of tools for your environment
  • Gain inspiration and knowledge by connecting with peers

The workshop will present the latest information of the Modular design solutions.

What You Will Learn

In electrical system design, customers face the challenge of striking a balance between offering a wide range of products and product options, while managing the many different electrical configurations needed to support the product range.

One solution to this challenge is the use of composite harnesses. A composite harness is a (typically virtual) superset which collates all variants of a harness in one container – the composite harness. Derivative Harnesses or, as they are commonly termed, derivatives are generated through the process of Composite Breakdown. Each derivative represents a fully functional variant of the composite harness that contains a subset of its content.

The second solution is the use of modules. During this seminar we will introduce you to create harnesses to be designed and constructed from a series of submodules, which correspond to either a vehicle function or manufacturing process. Modular harness design techniques address the overhead of variant management experienced in derivatives and reduce the overhead of variant management for highly variable harnesses.

The workshop will present the latest releases of the Capital Modular XC design solutions and provide insights on how to be more productive.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers and manager that need to address the challenges of modular/KSK designs coming from customer, either now or in future projects.
  • Please note that this workshop has a hands-on part where you get to use ModularXC, so the number of seats is limited

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