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Meet Challenges of Regulatory Mandates in Aero Electrical Design



Join Mentor Graphics for this session to learn how leading companies are using Capital to automate their electrical design process using automated constraint-driven design tools.

Regulatory mandates such as FAR Part25 EWIS are a major challenge for electrical designers at aerospace companies. These directives add another level of complexity to the design process requiring companies to demonstrate conformance to a vast range of requirements. Companies can adopt a number of approaches to meeting these requirements - from manual checking and documentation thru automated processes that constrain the design details by direct application of the regulatory rules and constraints.

What You Will Learn

  • How leading companies are utilizing a rules and constraints based environment to capture the EWIS mandates in a form that provides consistency and repeatability of results
  • How EWIS separation requirements can be evaluated early in the design process utilizing a topology-based design approach
  • How analysis capabilities provide a tool to address the safety concerns of EWIS

About the Presenter

John Low

John Low has been actively involved in the aerospace industry for 25 years. John started with design and manufacturing engineering responsibilities on rocket propulsion systems followed by work with The Boeing Company in a variety of design engineering roles on commercial, military and space applications. For the last 15 years John has been with the Integrated Electrical Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corporation as an aerospace business development manager and is also actively engaged in defining the Capital aerospace product vision.

Who Should View

  • Engineering, Program, and Project Management from OEMs and Systems Suppliers
  • Electrical System, Component, and Manufacturing Engineers

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