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AOG: Reducing Aircraft-on-Ground Time via Smart Documentation



Aircraft-on-ground time is time wasted and money wasted. High quality documentation can help diagnose and fix problems, but with constant changes in electrical specification during both manufacturing and in-service, many companies struggle to provide good documentation. Instead the Service Technicians must struggle with generic documentation representing the configurations of many aircraft within a production sequence and identify the content applicable to the particular aircraft being serviced. Tracking through this type of documentation is both time-consuming and error-prone. Worse still the documentation may contain errors as a result of the original authoring process.

Join Mentor Graphics for this session to learn how a new approach to creating service documentation can cut the time to create documentation, deliver custom documentation for each aircraft and cut the time taken to diagnose and fix faults.

What You Will Learn

  • How companies can create higher quality electrical service documentation, using smart documentation tools deeply integrated with their electrical wiring designs.
  • How companies can distribute and maintain smart and intuitive tail specific electrical service documentation to the maintenance organization.


About the Presenter

John Low

John Low has been actively involved in the aerospace industry for 25 years. John started with design and manufacturing engineering responsibilities on rocket propulsion systems followed by work with The Boeing Company in a variety of design engineering roles on commercial, military and space applications. For the last 15 years John has been with the Integrated Electrical Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corporation as an aerospace business development manager and is also actively engaged in defining the Capital aerospace product vision.

Who Should View

  • Engineering, documentation and program management from OEMs, maintenance repair organizations and systems suppliers
  • Electrical System, documentation, component, and manufacturing engineers


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