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Balance Cost & Complexity in Automotive & Aerospace Electrical Design



Structuring configuration data and automating key parts of the electrical design process can help your company reduce costs and increase efficiencies. In this one-hour webinar, how you'll learn Mentor Graphics electrical design software can help you strike the correct balance between customer choice and efficient, cost-effective management of electrical design.

Get this balance wrong and your company is burning money: Expanding customer choices unnecessarily, adding unwanted complexities that increase cost or, worst of all, speccing a product that cannot be engineered or built. By restructuring design data, you can introduce new efficiencies throughout the product cycle, increasing profitability.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding the difficulties, costs and inefficiencies created as customer options and electrical design complexities increase
  • How Mentor Graphics electrical design software provides structure to the information allowing detailed what-if analysis and optimization
  • How to use structured configuration data rigorously validate harness supplier release data against the marketing product plan
  • How to ensure that all orderable configurations have supporting harness part numbers, preventing assembly miss-builds

About the Presenter

Presenter Image John Wilson

John is a product marketing manager at Mentor Graphics’ Integrated Electrical Systems Division (IESD). He worked for 11 years as an R&D manager with a leading European truck manufacturer, then with a knowledge-based software company for nine years in a variety of technical, sales, and marketing roles. In 1997 John founded a software company that developed tools for electrical design in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Mentor Graphics acquired his company and hired John in 2003.

Who Should View

  • Engineering, program, and project managers from OEMs and systems suppliers
  • Electrical system, component, and manufacturing engineers

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