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Automating Functional Module Design for Modular/KSK Harnesses



OEMs provide a wide range of customer options and this leads to an explosion in the number of wiring configurations. At the level of an individual harness, for an instrument panel (say), the requirement to support large numbers of customer options may demand thousands of possible variants. This is impractical - instead, companies define a number of harness “modules”, each supporting one, or several, customer options; theses modules are then combined at the vehicle assembly stage to provide the exact configuration requested by the customer – an approach often referred to as the KSK process.

Join us for this webinar to understand how Mentor Graphics’ modular harness design tools allow designers to define each harness as a Composite superset and automatically generate the functional harness modules, and supporting documentation, including detailed costing – saving design time and allowing designers to optimize the cost vs. complexity.

What You Will Learn

  • How fully validated and costed harness and formboard designs can be rapidly created from a variety of sources, including KBL and CATIA 3D models
  • How a harness can be designed as a Composite superset that can automatically decompose into the required variant derivative harnesses with automatically generated diagrams for each variant
  • How automated engineering algorithms can correctly select and configure connectors, terminals, coverings and other parts to reduce engineering effort and eliminate design errors

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Élisa Pouyanne

Elisa Pouyanne is Automotive Business Development Manager for Mentor Graphics IESD Division. Elisa has been with Mentor Graphics since 1999 and has held a number of customer facing roles, working with many of the world's major Automotive OEMs and wire harness manufacturers. These engagements have spanned process definition, methods development, deployment project management and projects to compress time to value for corporations adopting Capital tools.

Who Should View

  • OEM program and engineering managers
  • Program, engineering and manufacturing managers involved in harness manufacture
  • Product engineers involved in harness design & engineering

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