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Automate the Creation & Validation of Wire Harness Complexity



Create complex wire harnesses with optimized cost solutions. Mentor Graphics’ VG Complexity software will show you how.

Product planners and electrical systems architects must strike the correct balance between the conflicting objectives of providing ever-wider customer choice vs. the efficient definition and management of the electrical design and its manufacturing and service complexity. Get this balance wrong and the OEM is burning money – giving away dollars on some vehicles, suffering unnecessary design complexities, or worst of all: selling cars that cannot be built.

With increased electrical and customer-option complexity many OEMs are straining their current planning & design capabilities to the limit – with attendant risk of sub-optimal decision making and hitting the bottom line.

Developed over the past 5 years, and deployed in OEM use, Mentor Graphics’ VG Complexity software is a powerful tool enabling users to create and analyze wiring architectures, system designs and wire harness complexities based on full vehicle product plans to ensure optimal cost of the harnesses to support the vehicle configuration, as well as validate wiring manufacturing releases to prevent vehicle assembly miss-builds.

Join us in this web seminar to see how this software is helping leading OEMs optimize the cost vs. complexity product-planning dilemma.

What You Will Learn

  • How customer options and electrical design configurations have created difficulties and inefficiencies in managing harness complexity and cost
  • How the VG Complexity software provides structure to the information allowing detailed what-if analysis and optimization. Relieve the System wiring engineer of time consuming tasks and allow them to focus on optimizing the wiring for best profit based on either OEM or Supplier cost metrics
  • How the structured configuration data can be used to rigorously validate Wiring supplier harness release data against the Marketing product plan to ensure all orderable vehicles have supporting harness part numbers preventing vehicle assembly miss-builds
  • How the VG Complexity software supports both Full Service and Build to print business models

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Sjon Moore

Sjon Moore is a technical marketing engineer in the Integrated Electrical Systems Division (IESD) at Mentor Graphics. He joined the company in 2009 following his work on Freescale's Virtual Garage team. Sjon continues to work on the technologies acquired during Virtual Garage acquisition, helping to integrate these technologies into the current IESD product line. Before that, Sjon worked for more than 11 years as an automotive electrical systems engineer for tier 1 wiring suppliers, supporting many global automotive manufacturers.

Who Should View

  • OEMs: Vice presidents, directors and managers involved in wiring engineering, product planning and finance
  • Wiring suppliers: Vice presidents, directors and managers involved in wiring engineering and manufacturing
  • Electrical systems and wiring engineers

Harness Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Web Seminar Series

Automate to cut time and cost in harness design and manufacturing.

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