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Logical Cable

Harness Design and Power

Logical Cable allows the user to engineer their electrical wire harness design very quickly and easily while, simultaneously, electrical models are defined for performance analysis. Simple cursor "strokes" and graphic palettes allow quick interaction while minimizing the time needed for training. Multi-window editing and user configurability enables designers to quickly create their design and ensure the design intent has been achieved.


Managing Configuration Complexity

Logical Cable provides an efficient means for managing the variant and option complexity in today's transportation products. A key benefit is the ability to manage device and connector pin usage across the entire project to eliminate errors associated with multiple assignments of the same pin an error that would typically not be discovered until very late in the development process.

The ability to define and assign a particular variant or option to objects in Logical Cable allows all the design data to be reused for specific product configurations instead of today's oftentimes manual task of copying the design data. Using the Combination Matrix, the user simply selects the variant and option set they want and Logical Cable configures the data specifically for that configuration. This configuration of data is reflected in reports, shared with the 3D environment or any other downstream process that receives the data.

Analysis and Validation

Every design must be validated to ensure the electrical design objectives have been met. Logical Cable provides the means to achieve this goal. With the optional DC Analyzer module, designs can be analyzed to determine voltage and current loading and assist in wire and fuse sizing. Logical Cable also provides a powerful range of design-wide rule checks such as pin/wire size mismatches, signal name discrepancies, out-of-date parts and many more. In addition to a full suite of built-in design checks, Logical Cable allows the user to create custom checks for evaluating and reporting company or design-specific rule violations. Logical Cable even allows signal tracing throughout the design hierarchy to ensure signals are connected correctly.

Component Library Management

Provided with Logical Cable is a comprehensive library management system. The Cable Library System (CLS) provides robust part and associated relationship management capabilities that allow the designer to select the optimum part given specific design criteria. This library enforces part consistency and ensures the parts have the correct information for the task at hand and downstream events.

Manage variant and options easily with the combination matrix

Manage variant and options easily with the combination matrix.

Enabling Multiple Design Representations

Electrical systems designers often begin with a high-level block diagram before progressing into more detailed design. This top-level design view guides subsequent detail design activity as the project matures. Conversely, information from various design phases must be shared with the whole process. To manage these multiple design representations, Diagram Hierarchy associates the electrical design at various levels of abstraction. Multiple design representations are managed while maintaining consistency and change control among various diagrams.

MCAD Integration

Discovering electromechanical compatibility conflicts late in the design process jeopardizes time-to-market and product quality. Mentor Graphics has partnered with leading MCAD tools including Dassault Systems' CATIA, EDS's UG/Wiring and Harness Design, and PTC's Pro/CABLE. The partnerships provide a data-bridge between the electrical and mechanical environments to bring design disciplines together. This sharing of data provides accurate 3D digital mock-ups and allows designers to evaluate design decisions within the overall electromechanical environment. This integrated, multi-discipline approach eliminates errors and accelerates design completion.

Reporting and Documentation

Generating wire lists, bill of materials, and other forms of documentation is a critical deliverable for many customers. In addition to default wire lists and bill of materials formats, Logical Cable provides extensive, easy to use capabilities to create custom formats. This provides reports in specific formats requested by your customer, other organizations, and suppliers. In addition, diagram graphics may be exported to various graphic formats for inclusion in other documentation.

Supporting the Flow

Logical Cable is a powerful logical design entry tool for harnessing applications. Wire definitions, part specification and connectivity are defined in Logical Cable and can then be shared with a wide variety of wire harness tools in the Capital Harness Systems environment, providing a streamlined design to manufacturing flow. Capital Harness engineers and validates wire harnesses to a fully buildable state, ready for costing and production. An interface between Logical Cable and Capital Manager allows connectivity and parts data to flow seamlessly throughout the design, providing manufacturing data that is complete and correct. This ensures that data is entered only once, thus eliminating data re-entry errors and design delays.

Diagram Hierarchy manages the various levels of design representation

Diagram Hierarchy manages the various levels of design representation

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