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Free ModelSim PE Evaluation Software

If you’re a design engineer, then you’ve heard about ModelSim. Now is your opportunity for a risk free 21-day trial of the industry’s leading simulator with full mixed language support for VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog and a comprehensive debug environment including code coverage. Download ModelSim PE now and receive a 21-day license instantly.

ModelSim PE Trial Details

The ModelSim PE 21-day FREE Trial – is just that. You will receive a 21-day full license with full options to try in your local Windows® environment. This is not a performance or limited trial. This is the exact version of ModelSim PE if you were to purchase (with options). Compile, simulate and debug as you normally would or follow along with the provided tutorials.

How to Get Started

To download 21-day trial, complete the short request form, enter your host id, and agree to the evaluation software license agreement. After we receive your request, an email will be sent to you with a link to download the software and a 21-day license file attached.

*Please note that the license file trial period begins immediately, not when you install ModelSim PE.

ModelSim PE offers the most comprehensive simulation and debug environment including code coverage.

Sales Contact

During the 21-day trial, you will be contacted by sales for a follow-up. If you previously had opted-out of contact notification, by requesting the ModelSim PE 21-day trial, you will be automatically opted-back in for a sales call.

After the 21-day trial period, ModelSim PE will no longer work. You should either purchase a license or remove the software from your computer.

The ModelSim 21-day Free Trial is limited to 1 license per user and will be locked to the host id that you provide. If you need an additional or longer term license, sales will be more than happy to engage with you.

Please call 1-800-547-3000 for immediate assistance or your authorized ModelSim Reseller.

Download Free Software

Operating systems:

  • Windows 7, XP, and Vista
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