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Handel-C Synthesis Methodology

Handel-C™ to FPGA for Algorithm Design

DK Design Suite - Handel-C™ synthesis with DK Design Suite offers a software flow for algorithm development, optimization and acceleration in embedded systems. Validate performance and improve product quality in less time and with lower cost.

Who: Algorithm designers using C and C++

The DK Design Suite is well suited for algorithm designers using C and C++, requiring a faster validation platform then a processor oriented platform (i.e. laptop), but don’t have in-depth HW design tool experience to utilize the parallel logic in FPGA prototyping hardware.

Why: Accelerate system performance and tools for debug & optimization

Algorithms define the value of today’s embedded systems. These complex models determine the function and performance of end products. Run times resulting from classic SW compilation to a CPU may not be fast enough. Verification of real world I/O interaction may be required to determine algorithm exactness and functionality. The DK Design suite offers a solution to the latter by compiling the algorithm directly to dedicated FPGA boards to accelerate system performance while providing tools for debug and optimization.

What: Software flow for compilation of algorithms onto FPGA boards

The DK Design Suite provides a software flow for compilation of algorithms onto FPGA boards. For algorithm design teams, Handel-C enables FPGA programming using software-based tools and flows. Users can verify systems in cycle-accurate simulations, and compile code directly into FPGA logic, creating bit files to program FPGA boards. API libraries allow software designers to connect processors and board peripherals to the FPGA logic, enabling rapid exploration of HW and SW implementation trade-offs. The end result is an “algorithm workbench” enabling rapid system implementation from software to FPGA hardware platforms.

Handel-C Synthesis Product Suite

DK Design Suite

Complete environment for Handel-C based algorithm design entry, simulation of functionality and debugging the code in a familiar IDE. Directly compile (synthesize) to parallel logic in popular FPGA devices.


PixelStreams is a library of functions to speed development of video and imaging algorithm prototypes. It manages low-level details of stream control, synchronization and real world interfacing. Fully integrated with the DK Design Suite and RC Series Boards, the PixelStreams environment allows users to easily add new library elements as needed.

RC Series Platforms

RC Series Boards are proprietary, FPGA-based boards for algorithm implementation. Each board includes a comprehensive set of peripherals and features, key to creating a rapid prototype.

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