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RC Series Platforms

RC Series Platforms for FPGA Prototyping

The RC Series Computing Platform is an ideal target for signal processing algorithm implementation. These development boards combine very high density FPGA devices with soft-core & hard-core processors and an extensive array of peripherals. The RC Series provides easy access to very high density reconfigurable silicon that can be used for hardware and software solutions.

Used in conjunction with DK and PixelStreams, the RC Series provides easy access to silicon for reconfigurable computing and enables developers to focus more on core application content.

High Performance FPGA and DSP Platforms

The RC-Series platforms combine high density FPGA devices with processors, DSPs and an extensive array of peripherals. They are used in a variety of formats for embedded systems prototyping. Used in conjunction with the DK Design Suite they provide a compelling solution for rapid prototyping and FPGA implementation.

Comprehensive system software

Complete board support software is provided including configuration utilities and drivers. Platform design kits are available with a complete suite of high productivity developer tools using C-based and model-based design techniques.

RC Series Products

RC240: High performance development and evaluation board

RC250: High-end desktop platform with an extensive list of peripherals supporting rapid application prototyping

RC340: High-end desktop platform with dual-channel peripherals supporting rapid multimedia

Extensive Array of Peripherals

Most RC Series boards have a plethora of peripheral connectivity to support testing of algorithms in a real-time environment. The RC Series have many types of video input (Composite, S-Video, VGA, Camera, DVI), SPDIF digital audio inputs, AC97 compatible audio inputs, output to LCD screen, network connectivity up to 2 x 1Gbps, serial and parallel ports, keyboard/mouse interaction, FLASH memory sockets. In addition, the RC Series has extensive on-board memory banks and high-speed connections to the host computer.

Maximum productivity

Comprehensive tutorials and project templates provide a wealth of examples for rapid design starts. With software support including features for simple integration of legacy RTL, pre-configured IP for communications and platform support, developers can focus on core product differentiation using RC-Series platforms rather than design integration. Using RC-Series platforms developers can:

  • Accelerate software with FPGA co-processors
  • Simply integrate DSP and FPGA resources with preconfigured IP
  • Rapidly prototype embedded systems with real-time data
  • Explore, partition and validate complex algorithms & architectures
  • Easily scale system prototypes to deployment solutions
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