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Filling the Gap from DOORS Requirements through Component Design

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IBM DOORS is nearly universally used by the Mil-Aero industry to capture and manage system level requirements. On the other hand, at the detail design stage DOORS is considered by most engineering teams to be not agile enough and is seldom used by the CCA board, software, FPGA/ASIC design and verification teams. The most popular detail design stage’s requirement capture tool is Microsoft Office.  Thus, too often there can exist a requirement tracing gap at the boundary between the system engineering and the PCB, SW, digital electronics design teams.  Mentor Graphics’ ReqTracer solves this problem with an automated solution for tracing requirements out of DOORS into MS Office documents, spreadsheets, DxD schematic capture, source code targeting software and hardware.  When the verification team tag their test bench code and test result messages or assertions, then ReqTracer can be used to automatically show system level requirements traceability continuously from DOORS down through multiple levels of elaborated requirements captured outside of DOORS ending with the test result logs.

Design Areas: FPGA | Products: ReqTracer

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