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10 Sep, 2010

Dennis Brophy Companion OVM Cookbook Examples Kit also offered for download Several months ago, the OVM Cookbook and the Examples Kit were made available for online use at the Verification Academy.  This proved to be a great help to accelerate the skill level of new OVM users.  Given the number of new projects that have deployed OVM and the number of new engineers that now need to use OVM, there is increased demand … Read More

OVM, Verification Academy, cookbook, Verification Methodology

21 Dec, 2009

Harry Foster I’m excited. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cliff Cummings for many years, and I was honored a couple of years ago to have him write the foreword in a book that I published on assertions. Now, we have joined forces to do a set of seminars titled: “Assertion-Based Verification for FPGA and IC Design.”  The first seminar will take place on January 19, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA, and you can register online … Read More

Verification Academy, Assertion-Based Verification

14 Dec, 2009

Evolution is a tinkerer

Posted by Harry Foster

Harry Foster I was recently quoted in an EDA DesignLine blog as saying that “it is a myth that ABV is a mainstream technology.” Actually, the original quote comes from an extended abstract I wrote for an invited tutorial at Computer-Aided Engineering (CAV) in 2008 titled Assertion-Based Verification: Industry Myths to Realities. My claim is based on the Farwest Research 2007 study that found approximately 37 percent … Read More

Verification Academy, Assertion-Based Verification

4 Dec, 2009

Harry Foster I realized a few years back that “time” is an engineer’s most precious resource. It seems that there’s just never enough time. And that certainly impacts the way we all consume information. In fact, if you’re like me, my favorite tool for seeking information these days is Google. I usually end up skimming the first few sentences to quickly determine if the information is relevant to me. I like having … Read More

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