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Automating Code Coverage Closure with Questa CoverCheck



This workshop will introduce you to Questa CoverCheck, a tool that automates and accelerates the process of code coverage closure. Code coverage is a metric used by the majority of today’s project teams with the goal of providing a quantitative measure for assessing their progress towards completeness. Typically, >90% of coverage items in a design are covered in a full regression, but it’s the process of analyzing that last ~10% which is problematic. Each uncovered point in the code must be reviewed to determine if it is safe to ignore or if the test environment must be enhanced to cover it, typically through writing directed tests.

This is a manual process which typically takes multiple man-months of effort per design block. Questa CoverCheck automates this process by finding and reporting the unreachable goals that can be excluded and demonstrating how to hit the reachable ones, which guides the process of test creation. The benefits are:

  • Schedule predictability – save project time that would have been spent manually reviewing the coverage holes
  • Improved design quality – eliminate the danger of mistakenly ignored coverage holes
  • Improved metrics – tune coverage measurement to the relevant modes of operation of the design
  • Eliminate waiver maintenance – automatically update waivers to account for design changes

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Code Coverage Closure
  • Code Coverage Metrics in the Questa Platform
  • Code Coverage Closure with Questa CoverCheck
  • Hands-on Lab with Questa CoverCheck

Who Should Attend

  • Verification Engineers and Managers

Products Covered

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