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CDC Verification Hands-on Workshop



Today's complex designs have multiple clock and power domains which create new verification challenges and these challenges must be addressed to avoid costly respins and endless debug cycles. In particular, interactions between domains with different asynchronous clocks demand validation that each clock domain crossing (CDC) path works reliably. Traditional simulation does not address CDC verification well, because simulation semantics do not accurately model the silicon behavior of signals crossing clock domain boundaries. Targeted verification methods and solutions that specifically focus on the CDC verification problems have become absolutely necessary. This workshop will deliver an overview of today's CDC verification challenges and how the Questa CDC solution addresses these challenges, followed by a hands-on experience.

What You Will Learn

  • The three common areas where CDC paths have functional errors
  • How Questa CDC can identify and eliminate all three common CDC error types
  • Methods for facilitating effective CDC verification
  • How to run Questa CDC with a step by step hands-on exercise

Who Should Attend

  • Design Verification engineers and managers

Products Covered

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