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Verification Days – Advanced Verification for FPGAs



In today’s highly competitive marketplace there are few differentiators between competing suppliers’ products except for price, reliability and time-to-market.

Often the use of FPGAs for substantial parts of the hardware design has helped with the price and partially helped with the reliability  but at the cost of time-to-market, due to outdated techniques used for FPGA design and verification.

In this event we will discuss the modern techniques for advanced design and verification of FPGAs, focusing on leveraging automated solutions for designing complex FPGAs and the importance of using assertions for your verification strategy.

The morning session will introduce you to the core concepts, while afternoon session will provide hands-on exercises with the tools to experience modern software solutions in action.

What You Will Learn

  • The use of Assertions to automatically check for desired and/or undesired functionality
  • Automating the design and verification flow to speed this up and make it repeatable
  • Automating the documentation task for projects

Who Should Attend

  • Verification engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Project managers

Products Covered

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