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Verification Management and Planning


On-demand Web Seminar: There are three dimensions to any IC design project: the process, the tools and the data. Mentor Graphics Questa® Verification Management offers a comprehensive approach to verification management that... 46:27

Tags: Questa® Verification Management

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Injecting Automation into Verification – Improved Throughput


On-demand Web Seminar: Improving productivity has many forms, simulation performance, debug effectiveness, even writing test scenarios. We will highlight high value techniques for improving throughput. 51:23

Tags: Debug, PCIe, Verification

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Injecting Automation into Verification - FPGA Market Trends


On-demand Web Seminar: This webinar provides a management perspective into FPGA market trends and the high value solutions targeted at common design verification tasks. 45:45

Tags: FPGA, SoC Verification

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ModelSim Essentials


On-demand Web Seminar: This video provides an overview of Mentor Graphic's ModelSim software. You will learn the essential skills needed to create a simulation environment and what tools are available to quickly debug the... 18:26

Tags: Debug, ModelSim, ModelSim®

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The 2012 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study


On-demand Web Seminar: Every two years, Mentor Graphics commissions Wilson Research Group to conduct a broad, vendor-independent study of design verification practices around the world.  In this presentation, Harry Foster... 39:15

Tags: Codelink, ModelSim®, Questa® ADMS, Questa® CoverCheck, Questa® Power Aware Simulator, Questa® Verification Management, Questa® Advanced Simulator, Questa® CDC Verification, Questa® Formal Verification, Questa® inFact, Wilson Research Group Study

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Questa Formal's AutoCheck - The Push-Button Way to Find Bugs


On-demand Web Seminar: The Autocheck feature of the Questa Formal Verification tool from Mentor Graphics allows designers and verification engineers to quickly and easily verify that a design is free of many common functional... 35:10

Tags: automatic formal check, Questa® Formal Verification

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Industrial-Strength Clock Domain Crossing Verification


On-demand Web Seminar: More than 90% of today’s designs contain multiple clocks, and all such designs can potentially fail if communication between clock domains is not correctly synchronized. This webinar presents Questa... 27:20

Tags: Questa® CDC Verification, Questa® Formal Verification

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Injecting Automation into Verification - Assertions


On-demand Web Seminar: What we will show in this webinar is how we can leverage Assertions, including the pre-defined, pre-tested OVL libraries, to automate the verification process further. What we will also show is the way... 32:23

Tags: ModelSim®

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Questa CDC - Verifying CDC Reconvergence with Silicon-Accurate Models Webinar


On-demand Web Seminar: This webinar focuses on the how to ensure that simulations of such designs can nevertheless be accurate predictors of silicon behavior. We show through a set of detailed examples how non-determinism caused... 26:52

Tags: CDC, Debug, Questa® CDC Verification

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Active Power Management Verification with Power Aware Simulation


On-demand Web Seminar: Power management has become a critical aspect of electronic systems design. Driven by customer demand for more functionality and longer battery life in portable electronics, and enabled by advances... 36:48

Tags: Low Power, Questa® Power Aware Simulator, UPF

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Improving Quality and Time-to-Market with Formal Verification


On-demand Web Seminar: This webinar presents Questa Formal Verification and explains how it is being used today, by both designers and verification engineers, to improve design quality and accelerate verification. Automatic... 44:16

Tags: Assertion-Based Verification, Formal Verification, Questa® Formal Verification

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Leveraging Mentor VIP to Achieve More Verification with Less Effort


On-demand Web Seminar: Verification of IP blocks, subsystems and complete SOCs is a major challenge for the industry today. Many tools and techniques exist to help with this problem including languages, verification methodologies... 20:25

Tags: SoC Verification

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Showing: 37-48 of 87
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