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Advanced Technology for Advanced Verification,Advanced Technology for Block Level

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Effective SoC Verification: The Hardware and Software Challenge

How do you achieve full-chip verification while meeting your project schedule and quality metrics? Your team’s goal is to verify a SoC consisting of an embedded CPU(s), bus fabric, and multiple specialized...…View Technology Overview

Injecting Automation into Verification – Improved Throughput

Improving productivity has many forms, simulation performance, debug effectiveness, even writing test scenarios. We will highlight high value techniques for improving throughput.…View On-demand Web Seminar

Injecting Automation into Verification - Assertions

What we will show in this webinar is how we can leverage Assertions, including the pre-defined, pre-tested OVL libraries, to automate the verification process further. What we will also show is the way...…View On-demand Web Seminar

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Dynamic Construction and Configuration of Testbenches

Journal Article: We will primarily address dynamic (run-time) construction of testbench topology and dynamic (run-time) configuration of testbench topology and parameters in this article. In doing so we will lightly touch...…View Journal Article

Event-Driven (RN) Modeling for AMS Circuits

White Paper: Learn why modeling AMS components using RN modeling techniques in order to significantly increase the simulation speed requires having all of the design written in digital and using RN modeling techniques.…View White Paper

Portable VHDL Testbench Automation with Intelligent Testbench Automation

Journal Article: Questa inFact graph-based intelligent testbench automation provides just such a “bridge” for VHDL testbench environments.…View Journal Article

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