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Beat your functional verification/software development timescales with Acceleration/Emulation

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Off-line Debug of Multi-Core SoCs with Veloce Emulation

Today’s multi-core system-on-chip (SoC) designs are increasingly dependent on firmware and device drivers, that force users to closely integrate software development and validation with silicon design...…View On-demand Web Seminar

Injecting Automation into Verification – Improved Throughput

Improving productivity has many forms, simulation performance, debug effectiveness, even writing test scenarios. We will highlight high value techniques for improving throughput.…View On-demand Web Seminar

Injecting Automation into Verification - Assertions

What we will show in this webinar is how we can leverage Assertions, including the pre-defined, pre-tested OVL libraries, to automate the verification process further. What we will also show is the way...…View On-demand Web Seminar

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Collaborative Verification of ARM IP in Early Adopter SoCs

White Paper: IP Replay makes it more practical and profitable for IP vendors to engage with IP end users early on by delivering a support model and debugging mechanism for verifying third-party IP within SoCs or IP-subsystems....…View White Paper

STMicroelectronics: Simulation + Emulation = Verification Success

Success Story: Developing an ARM-based reference design, STMicroelectronics engineers linked a testbench running on a simulator with a design executed on an emulator, taking advantage of the best of both verification...…View Success Story

Localized, System-Level Protocol Checks and Coverage Closure Using Veloce

White Paper: Broadcom® recently developed a unified, scalable, verification methodology based on the Veloce® emulation platform. In order to test this new environment, they ran a test case, which proved that...…View White Paper

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