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The Questa Platform: Generating Coverage Models and Achieving Coverage Closure - DAC 2012

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Recent industry surveys show that two-thirds of new design projects fall behind schedule due to verification. In addition, 70% of these designs fail at least once after verification is completed. With over half of these failures attributable to logic and functional errors, it makes sense that coverage closure is consistently identified as one of the most difficult challenge faced by verification teams.

With the Questa functional verification platform, achieving coverage closure means much more than just generating stimulus and hoping for coverage results. Questa eases testbench programming by automatically generating coverage models. Questa reduces the time needed to manage regression testing and merge coverage results from hours to minutes. And Questa intelligently generates stimulus to ensure that high test quantity does not come at the expense of high test quality.

Attend this session to learn how Questa can help you can gain 10X to 100X in verification productivity by

  • Automatically generating SystemVerilog covergroups and Clock Domain Crossing coverage models
  • Reducing nightly regression setup time, and automating results merging and coverage analysis
  • Intelligently generating stimulus that achieves target coverage closure faster, and increases overall coverage 

Design Areas: Functional Verification | Products: Questa® CDC Verification, Questa® Formal Verification

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