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Products A to Z - Functional Verification

Certe Testbench Studio

Certe Testbench Studio delivers a powerful, yet familiar, environment that enables the rapid creation and complete understanding of OVM and SystemVerilog-based testbenches for complex ASIC and FPGA designs.


Codelink is an advanced debug toolset for functional verification of processor-based designs using your RTL or gate-level processor models. Codelink aids processor-driven verification by dramatically improving processor visibility and reducing the time it takes to debug failing processor-driven tests. It connects to existing processor signoff models without changing the design or simulation results.


FormalPro™ is the Mentor Graphics solution for gate-level regression testing of FPGAs and ASICs of 100,000 gates or more. FormalPro uses static formal verification techniques to prove that a design is functionally identical to its golden reference.

HDL Designer

HDL Designer provides engineers with a suite of advanced design editors to facilitate development: interface-based design spreadsheet editor (IBD) and block diagram, state-machine, truth table, flow chart and algorithmic state-machine editors.

iSolve Application Solutions

High-performance, high-capacity hardware-assisted solution for verifying embedded systems and SoC designs

Mentor Verification IP

Comprehensive verification IP built using advanced methodologies for fastest time to verification sign-off.


ModelSim combines high performance and high capacity with the code coverage and debugging capabilities required to simulate larger blocks and systems and attain ASIC gate-level sign-off. Comprehensive support of Verilog, VHDL, and SystemC provide a solid foundation for single and multi-language design verification environments.

Questa® ADMS

Questa ADMS is a language-neutral, mixed-signal simulator that enables top-down design and bottom-up verification of multi-million gate analog/mixed-signal system-on-chip designs.

Questa® CoverCheck

Questa CoverCheck is an automatic formal solution for achieving code coverage closure.

Questa® Power Aware Simulator

The Questa Power Aware Simulator enables design teams to verify the architecture and behavior of active power management planned for the implementation, but starting much earlier in the design process.

Questa® Verification Management

There are three dimensions to any IC design project: the process, the tools and the data. Questa® offers a comprehensive approach to the problem with its verification management option that handles all within a scalable and modular solution.

Questa® Advanced Simulator

The Questa® Advanced Simulator combines high performance and capacity simulation with unified advanced debug capabilities for the most complete native support of Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL, SystemC, PSL and UPF

Questa® CDC Verification

The Questa Clock-Domain Crossing (CDC) Verification solution focuses on the interaction between these clock domains. Questa CDC addresses a number of critical verification issues that simply cannot be dealt with by simulation-based verification techniques.

Questa® Formal Verification

The Questa Formal Verification tool complements simulation-based RTL design verification by analyzing all possible behaviors of the design to detect any reachable error states.

Questa® inFact

Questa Questa inFact targets as much functionality as traditional constrained random testing, but achieves coverage goals 10X to 100X faster.


Manage requirements in your FPGA and ASIC design flows. ReqTracer simplifies, automates and enables requirements traceability from hardware specification through HDL coding, implementation, verification and validation.

TestBench XPress

High-performance, high-capacity hardware-assisted solution for verifying embedded systems and SoC designs

Veloce Transactors

High-performance, high-capacity hardware-assisted solution for verifying embedded systems and SoC designs


High-performance, high-capacity hardware-assisted solution for verifying embedded systems and SoC designs


VirtuaLAB delivers a fully virtual, block to system level accelerated verification flow for pre-silicon verification of SoCs that have multiple chip interfaces connected to peripherals and host devices.


Vista™ is an integrated TLM 2.0-based solution for architectural design exploration, verification, and virtual prototyping. Vista enables system architects and SoC designers to make viable architecture decisions, and it allows hardware and software engineers to validate their hardware and software early in the design cycle. This is accomplished by prototyping, debugging, and analyzing complex systems before the RTL stage, establishing a predictable and productive design process that leads to first-pass success.

Visual Elite

Visual Elite™ is a state-of-the-art design and integration platform that enables designers and system architects to intuitively capture and connect SystemC, TLM 2.0, and HDL blocks into complex SoCs and systems.

Visualizer Debug Environment

Intuitive and easy to use, Visualizer Debug Environment automates debugging for the digital design and verification of today's complex SoCs and FPGAs.

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