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Verification Horizons

Current Issue

Welcome to Verification Horizons, Volume 10, Issue 1.

In This Issue

  • Don't Forget the little things that can make verification easier
    Make verification more productive by keeping your focus on verifying your design’s functionality...
  • The advantages of using the Unified Power Format (UPF) standard with Questa
    See how Questa was able to model the behaviors from their UPF specification...
  • Pre-silicon validation of IEEE 1149.1-2013 based silicon instruments
    Verify the functionality of the actual chip through what Intellitech calls “silicon instruments.”...
  • Dealing with UVM and OVM sequences
    Easily write reusable sequences in UVM (and OVM) to increase your productivity...
  • Stories of an AMS verification dude: Putting stuff together
    An unconventional view at the different levels of abstraction used in digital and analog simulation...
  • Portable VHDL testbench automation with intelligent testbench automation
    Make VHDL testbench environments more productive through the inclusion of intelligent automation...

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Verification Horizons

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“That’s what we do as verification engineers, isn’t it? We identify problems with a system, trace them back to root causes, fix the root causes and then make sure that everything still works”

Tom Fitzpatrick, Editor and Verification Technologist

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