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Lights! Camera! Multi-Patterning!

David Abercrombie recently met with Brian Bailey of Semiconductor Engineering to explain many of the concepts and issues of multi-patterning that he has been writing about for the last couple of years. If you want to understand the basics of multi-patterning requirements, 12 minutes is all you need to check out their first video: Tech Talk: Multipatterning on

If the video piques your interest in learning more about multi-patterning, you can also download a copy of David’s white paper, Mastering the Magic of Multi-Patterning, from Mentor.

double patterning, EUV, 20nm, Multi-Patterning, triple patterning, IC Design, ic manufacturing

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Kudos to you for your focus on clarity and simplicity in technical writing.

Vijay Kundaji
8:07 AM Mar 31, 2014

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