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Calibre WORKbench

Calibre® WORKbench™ is an easy-to-use environment for creating accurate process models and tested, production-ready tool setup files. Approved models and setup files can be handed off to production users to drive turnkey IC layout RET processing. Calibre WORKbench software creates test patterns for silicon measurement, and runs test jobs to test and visualize outputs of models and setup files. Calibre WORKbench contains a fast, high-capacity layout viewer for both GDSII and fracture format with easy-to-use interactive lithography simulation and visualization.

Features and Benefits

Calibre WORKbench can also be used for advanced cell library design and is tightly-integrated with popular layout editors. Features of Calibre WORKbench include:

  • Supports standard and customized illumination source types (tophat, annular, quadruple, QUASAR, dipole, custom).
  • Thin film stack generation for high-NA vector modeling, TCCcalc.
  • Fast layout viewer integrated with lithography simulators and editors supports GDSII and fracture formats.
  • Advanced process models (photoresist, etch,...) with default or user defined convolution shapes and image parameters enabled through VT5.
  • Simulated layout views: optical-intensity map, printed image on wafer, fragmentation sites, 2D cross-section intensity maps, multilevel print-image contours.
  • Supports execution of Calibre batch tools on small, selected regions for rapid testing.

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