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Calibre Mask Data Preparation

Mentor's Mask Data Preparation (MDP) solution is fully compatible with the Calibre platform, enabling you to complete all resolution enhancement processing and mask data format conversion tasks in one mask fabrication batch run using a single control language.

Calibre MDP provides

  • Layer derivation
  • Mirroring
  • Scaling
  • Rotation
  • Planarization fill
  • Global and selective sizing
  • Hierarchical mask rule checking (MRC)
  • Mask proximity correction (MPC)
  • Mask fracturing into many standard output formats

Calibre MDP provides direct output for the leading mask writer formats in the sub-wavelength era, such as MEBES, JEOL, Micronic, and Variable-Shaped-Beam, in addition to standard GDSII.


Calibre FRACTURE exports mask making data directly in the target mask writing format without changing tools or creating large intermediate files. Versions of Calibre FRACTURE are available for Micronic, JEOL, MEBES, Toshiba, and Hitachi formats. Learn More

Calibre MDPmerge enables a continuous flow from physical verification and resolution enhancement techniques (RET) through the completion of mask data preparation. Learn More

Calibre MDPverify checks final mask writer data against the original GDSII definition to prevent mask writing with erroneous data. It supports the tracking of design updates by confirming the presence of desired changes in the final mask data independently of the fracture step. Learn More

Calibre MDPview enables quick and easy review of design data in GDSII and OASIS format, as well as in all popular mask writer pattern formats and data assemblies through the respective job decks. Learn More

Calibre MAPI extends the tcl programming language set available in Calibre MDPview™ with dedicated functions supporting the extraction and validation of suitable locations for mask metrology. Learn More

Calibre MASKOPT reduces mask cost and mask writing time by lowering the total shot count through advanced pre-processing of the fractured data. Calibre MASKOPT can achieve up to 20% shot count reduction on data sets for advanced technology nodes at 45 nm and below. Learn More

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