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Calibre® MASKOPT™ reduces mask cost and mask writing time by lowering the total shot count through advanced pre-processing of the fractured data. Calibre MASKOPT can achieve up to 20% shot count reduction on data sets for advanced technology nodes at 45 nm and below.

Layout adjustments made for model-based OPC create an enormous number of fractured, moveable segments. Calibre MASKOPT aligns excessive jogs in this post-OPC data with no impact on the quality of results with respect to critical dimension (CD) control of the lithography process. Proper alignment of two opposing, misaligned jogs can eliminate one post-fracture rectangle. Over the entire layout, this alignment greatly simplifies post-OPC data, significantly reducing the data volumn, fracture runtime, and mask writing time. The output from MASKOPT can be verified with Calibre OPCverify™ andCalibre MDPverify™.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplify and reduce the volume of post-OPC data with no reduction in mask quality
  • Reduce shot count by up to 20% on data sets at 45nm and below
  • Reduce small figure count by up to 50%
  • Reduce mask writing time
  • Lower mask writing cost
  • Reduce mask data volume
  • Improve productivity with integrated mask data preparation flow

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