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Calibre MDPmerge

Calibre® MDPmerge™ enables a continuous flow from physical verification and resolution enhancement techniques (RET) through the completion of mask data preparation. After Calibre FRACTURE™ generates individual pattern files in VSB11 format optimized for fastest mask writing and tight CD control, Calibre MDPmerge assembles a job deck for complete chip.

Calibre MDPmerge optimizes the flow by streamlining the writing sequence while making accurate corrections for proximity effects. Calibre MDPmerge is built on the Calibre hierarchical geometry processing engine with parallel processing technology that delivers fast processing speeds and output optimization fort efficient mask writing.

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Calibre FRACTURE exports mask making data directly in the target mask writing format without changing tools or creating large intermediate files. Versions of Calibre FRACTURE are available for Micronic, JEOL, MEBES, Toshiba, and Hitachi formats. Learn More

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