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Calibre MDPview

Calibre® MDPview™ enables quick and easy review of design data in GDSII and OASIS format, as well as in all popular mask writer pattern formats and data assemblies through the respective job decks.

Calibre MDPview complements Calibre MDP fracture tool portfolio for visual verification and assembly tasks. Calibre MDPview can be linked with Calibre RVE™ to guide the user to areas previously identified as problems during mask rule checking with MDPverify™. Calibre MDPview matches shows the error location and allows the user to zoom-in and highlight the affected pattern. Additional analysis is enabled by overlay capabilities that allow the user to display and align mask data files on top of each other. Statistical utilities help characterize pattern files. Macros and scripts can be created and executed in batch mode to customize repeated functions such as the assembly of a number of GDSII input files into a single database.

Features and Benefits

  • View GDSII and OASIS files, plus files and job decks of many mask writer formats including MEBES, JEOL, Toshiba/Nuflare, Hitachi and Micronic.
  • Easy, browser-like operation with fast zooming and panning for efficient navigation.
  • Works with Calibre RVE (results viewing environment) for fast review of mask rule checking results.
  • Pattern file information utilities for quick, high-level assessment of pattern files.
  • Special viewing modes show the internal structure of the pattern files, e.g. segments and fields.
  • Flexible overlay utility for all file formats and job decks.
  • Rule-based measurement capability.
  • Supports batch-mode layout operations, such as GDS assembly and placement tasks.
  • Loads multiple layouts at the same time.
  • Built-in macro capability for customizing layout functions.

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