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Products A to Z - IC Manufacturing


Mask fracturing and data export.

Calibre MDPmerge™

Assembles VSB11 job decks for complete chips.

Calibre MDPverify™

Accurate verification of mask writer files against GDSII.

Calibre MDPview™

Visual verification of mask data.

Calibre MPCpro

Mask process correction for process loading and proximity effects.

Calibre nmMPC

Dedicated optimizations for e-beam mask writers.

Calibre nmOPC

High-performance Resolution Enhancement Technology for advanced IC manufacturing processes.

Calibre NxDAT

Mentor Graphics has acquired the mask data preparation products and a team of top engineers from SoftJin Technologies.

Calibre OPCpro™

Full-chip correction increases yield and process latitude.

Calibre OPCsbar™

Full support for adding, simulating and verifying scattering bars.

Calibre OPCverify™

Virtual manufacturing solution supports RET recipe optimization.

Calibre WORKbench™

Solution for accurate tool setup - Calibre WORKbench

Calibre® MAPI™

A programming API for the rapid development of mask metrology applications.

Calibre® MASKOPT™

Post-OPC optimization to reduce mask shot count.

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