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Time-it Delay Calculator

Time-it is an independent delay calculation tool that is used in a back-end design flow with the Mentor Graphics analog/mixed-signal tool suite. It accepts parasitics information from extraction tools like Calibre® xRC, calculates delay information and generates an SDF file for back-annotation to timing-accurate simulation and static timing analysis.

As a command-line calculator, Time-it allows you to calculate the cell and interconnect delays for your designs simulated with Mentor Graphics ModelSim® and Questa ADMS™, and provides a common method for importing accurate delays into synthesis, simulation and static timing analysis.Fits into any cell-based design methodology

  • Fits into any cell-based design methodology
  • Accurately models the interdependency between RC interconnect effects and the driving capability of the cell
  • Reduces computational time while improving accuracy
  • Provides significant speed, accuracy and capacity benefits
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