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Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform

The world’s fastest nanometer circuit verification platform for analog, RF, mixed-signal, and custom digital circuits.

The Analog FastSPICE™ (AFS) Platform is the world’s fastest nanometer circuit verification platform for analog, RF, mixed-signal, and custom digital circuits. More than 120 companies use the AFS Platform for their toughest circuit verification challenges, including high-speed I/O, PLLs, ADCs/DACs, CMOS image sensors, RFICs, and embedded memory.

Foundry-certified to 10nm FinFET processes, the AFS Platform delivers nanometer SPICE accuracy 5x-10x faster than traditional SPICE and 2x-6x faster than parallel SPICE simulators.

For large circuits the AFS Platform delivers >10M-element capacity and the fastest mixed-signal simulation.

For silicon-accurate characterization it includes the industry's only comprehensive full-spectrum device noise analysis and a high-productivity Analog Characterization Environment—both of which deliver 5x-10x speedup over alternative approaches.

For embedded memory and other array-based circuits, AFS Mega delivers silicon-accurate simulation with >100M element capacity.

Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform

“The move to the 16-nm FinFET process with multiple patterning and new transistors requires new approaches for accurate memory IP verification. With Analog FastSPICE Mega, we can accurately characterize post-layout FinFET-based memory array.”

Suk Lee , Senior Director, Design Infrastructure Marketing Division, TSMC

“The AFS Platform is the only SPICE-accurate simulator capable of verifying lock and performance on a post-layout PLL. With AFS we can run PLL characterization overnight with better accuracy than a traditional SPICE simulator running for over a week – a huge productivity improvement. A recent 10GHz 4-phase PLL designed for a test chip in 65nm CMOS and verified with AFS operated entirely within spec”

William Walker, Sr Research Fellow, Fujitsu Laboratories of America

“Our integrated RF transceiver / baseband chipsets have stringent circuit verification requirements. We selected the AFS Platform because it delivers nanometer SPICE accuracy and has significantly improved the speed of simulations compared to a parallel SPICE simulator.”

Lon Christensen,General Manager, Spreadtrum Communications USA Inc

“Analog/RF block characterization in nanometer process technologies is a design limiter demanding increased accuracy, performance, and capacity from circuit simulators. AFS MCP delivers nanometer SPICE accuracy and allows us to characterize our analog/RF blocks up to 50x faster than single-core traditional SPICE simulators.”

Dr. Xingang Wang, Senior Manager, Skyworks Solutions

“With the Analog Characterization Environment it is very easy to setup, run, and analyze results of complex characterization nests, enabling silicon-accurate and high-productivity circuit characterization with 5x-10x speedup over alternative approaches.”

Kazuhiro Hirane, Section Manager, IC Engineering Department, Alps Electric Co. Ltd

AFS Products and Platform Functionality

AFS Circuit Simulator

The industry’s leading nanometer analog, mixed-signal and RF circuit verification tool proven to deliver foundry-certified nanometer SPICE accuracy 5x-10x faster than traditional SPICE and 2x-6x faster than parallel SPICE simulators with >10M-element capacity.

  • Nanometer SPICE accuracy
  • >10M-element capacity
  • >150 dB transient dynamic range
  • >5×–10× faster than traditional SPICE
  • >2×–6× faster than parallel SPICE
  • DC, transient, AC, and noise analyses
  • Monte Carlo, alter, and sweep support

AFS Transient Noise

Delivers nanometer SPICE accurate device noise analysis for every type of circuit. Transient noise injects random white and flicker noise for each device at each timestep during transient simulation to produce output waveforms that include realistic device noise effects. (Included in AFS Circuit Simulator)

  • Full-spectrum accuracy to noise floor
  • Device noise analysis for any circuit type
  • >10M-element capacity
  • Validated to within 1–2 dB of silicon


Extends the AFS circuit simulator for Verilog-AMS based mixed-signal simulation. Delivering the industry’s simplest, fastest, most-accurate verification of complex nanometer-scale mixed-signal circuits. (Add-on option for AFS Circuit Simulator)

  • Easy mixed-signal setup
  • Supports all leading Verilog simulators
  • Maintains existing digital or analog flow
  • >5×–10× faster than AMS w/ traditional SPICE
  • >2×–6× faster than AMS w/ parallel SPICE
  • Simple, powerful configuration support
  • Verilog-AMS support only

AFS Mega

Silicon-accurate circuit simulator for embedded memories and other mega-scale circuits such as CMOS image sensors. AFS Mega extends the AFS Platform with the capacity, performance, and features required for mega-scale circuit verification and characterization down to FinFET-based process nodes.

  • Nanometer SPICE accuracy
  • >100M-element capacity
  • Compatible with leading digital fastSPICE flows
  • DC and transient analyses
  • Monte Carlo, alter, and sweep support


Provides the industry’s only full-spectrum periodic noise analysis and oscillator noise analysis, delivering nanometer SPICE accuracy for every run. For complex circuits AFS RF is also 5x-10x faster than other RF tools. (Included in AFS Circuit Simulator)

  • Full-spectrum PSS, pnoise, and oscnoise
  • Full-spectrum sampled pnoise analysis
  • No need to specify maxsideband
  • >100K element PSS convergence

Analog Characterization Environment (ACE)

High-productivity environment to ensure circuits meet rigorous nanometer requirements under all expected operating, environment, and process conditions and combinations thereof.

  • High-productivity, intuitive characterization
  • Corner, sweep, and Monte Carlo nesting
  • Automated hierarchical pass/fail reporting
  • Visual statistical distribution analysis
  • >5×–10× performance with AFS MCP
  • 3×–6× license efficiency with AFS MCP

AFS Nano

The industry’s fastest SPICE simulator for block-level circuit design. AFS Nano delivers foundry-certified nanometer SPICE accuracy up to 5×–10× faster than traditional SPICE for blocks with up to 5K elements.

  • Nanometer SPICE accuracy
  • Up to 5K element capacity
  • DC, transient, AC, and noise analyses
  • Monte Carlo, alter, and sweep support

AFS Co-Simulation

AFS Co-Simulation supports the standard SPICE-Verilog use model, includes mixed-analog and digital debugging, and integrates with industry-leading PLI 2.0 compliant Verilog simulators. (Included in AFS Circuit Simulator)

  • HDL co-simulation with Verilog® simulators
  • Production-proven on hundreds of circuits
  • >5×–10× faster than SPICE-Verilog
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