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EZwave™ is a high-capacity, high-performance graphical waveform environment for displaying and analyzing complex analog, digital, RF, and mixed-signal simulation results.

EZ Wave Viewer

The EZwave viewer dynamically displays data produced by several Mentor Graphics applications.

The EZwave Joint Waveform DataBase (JWDB) is a high-performance waveform database for manipulating huge waveform databases from leading simulators, loading gigabytes of data in seconds. EZwave provides native support for Mentor’s Eldo® Classic, Eldo RF, Eldo Premier, ADiT™, Questa® ADMS, Questa, and HyperLynx tools. It also supports other simulation data formats including: Synopsys HSPICE® output, Novas FSDB, vcd, and raw files.

EZwave can analyze time or frequency domain waveform of any type: analog, digital, eye diagram, smith chart, polar or complex chart, and histogram.


Intuitive Waveform Viewing

Load, display, search, and view multiple databases in a single session.

Parametric Analysis

Easily manage multiple-runs simulation results.

Graphical Waveform Calculation

Feature-rich environment for simulation results viewing and post-processing.

Waveform Calculator

The EZwave WaveForm Calculator provides a large number of functions to build expressions for measuring design characteristics.

Cursors and Measurement Tools

Perform and plot a variety of analog and mixed-signal measurement operations on waveforms.

Waveform Post-Processing

Access advanced signal processing tools, charting, and analysis.

Powerful Mixed-Signal Waveform Comparison

Automatically compare simulation result to a known-good waveform.

Automatic Reloading

Automatically display and compare new simulation results with previous results during simulation.

Scripting for more Automation

Run measurements in TCL using hundreds built-in functions.

Design Platform Integration

Fully integrated with Mentor’s Pyxis Custom IC Design platform and easily integrated with Cadence Virtuoso Composer/ADE environment.

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