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Advanced Verification Environment

As designs become more complex and geometires continue to shrink, designing and verifying the transistors that compose integrated circuits is increasingly difficult.

ICanalyst™ is an advanced verification cockpit that enables designers to easily leverage the full complement of Mentor Graphics analog mixed-signal solutions for design verification and analog cell characterization: Questa® ADMS for mixed-signal, Eldo® (Classic and Premier) for SPICE, and ADiT™ for Fast-SPICE applications. ICanalyst accomplishes this through an optimized design flow purposed for automating repetitive tasks.


  • Improves sign-off confidence by increasing verification coverage and shortening verification schedule
  • Assists IP library validation with quick set up and easy exploration of results
  • Facilitates design reviews and knowledge-sharing among design teams with automated document generation
  • Saves time on verification scripting, output file parsing, and results interpretation/ management
  • Manages multiple designs with continual updates and multiple testbenches with incremental modifications
  • Optimizes simulation efficiency with integration of load balancing tools, such as Platform LSF® and Oracle® Grid Engine
  • Provides spreadsheets and graphical representations of simulation result data
  • Offers a specification-driven environment
  • Enables real-time simulation result and yield browsing

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