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Kronos Analyzer

Cell Library Analysis & Validation

Kronos Analyzer is a comprehensive library analysis and validation solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Improves chip performance and power
    • Identifies poor performers
    • Component generation capability lets designers perform what-if analysis for new component candidates
  • Analyze libraries and processes using custom and/or built-in analysis flows
  • Pinpoints changes in new library release updates
    • Quickly performs what-if analysis and optimizes new components
  • Embedded rule-based checker
    • Generate easy-to-read reports and graphs
    • Optional query/report system reports and graphs any data in any number of libraries
  • Flexible and easy-to-use user interface
  • Versatile comparisons
    • Compares two libraries to verify correctness or evaluate performance
    • Queries, reports, and graphs results between any number of libraries
    • Automatically finds cell maps between libraries based on cell behavior
  • Advanced, interactive GUI or automatic, non-graphical command-line mode operation
  • Streamlines library management flow
    • Compares new library releases with previous versions, enabling faster qualification or rejection
    • Quality assurance checks prevent unexpected characteristics in new releases

Enables Cell Library Solutions

Comparison & Validation

Library analysis and validation is critical, whether users are qualifying libraries from an external supplier or developing their own internally. With over 1 million data points per library, manual analysis and validation is not feasible. Kronos Analyzer enables design engineers and library qualification teams to compare and validate complex cell libraries for design-critical characteristics such as performance, area, and power. Early validation saves time and results in higher performing, more efficient designs with better correlation to silicon.

Evaluation & Qualification

Kronos Analyzer

Qualification Flow

Before a design begins, a library qualification team must decide on the foundry, library vendor, technology, feature size, and library version. There are both macro issues—such as process availability, yield, and corporate relationships—and critical performance issues to consider. Kronos Analyzer lets library qualification teams make well informed decisions by providing quantitative data as well as a graphical representation of the differences between libraries.

Kronos Analyzer’s unique matching technology enables the library qualification team to quickly evaluate libraries across a wide range of operating conditions without the long delays of running hundreds of full chip design flows.

Analysis & Validation

Kronos Analyzer

Validation Flow

Design engineers can use Kronos Analyzer to learn how process changes will affect their libraries and how changes in the libraries will influence their designs. Evaluating the effects of a process change on setup and hold times for an existing design, for example, can quickly determine what additional required sign-off checks.

Designers also evaluate libraries across operating conditions and special signoff corners to determine how components track across process-voltage-temperature (PVT). This information is essential in improving the risk/reward tradeoff for setting margins and operating conditions. Library developers tune existing components and compare new cells against existing ones to learn if changes have the expected effect. Kronos Analyzer also provides quality assurance, checking to see that new library releases do not have any unexpected characteristics.

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