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Economy must be improving

Simon Favre

Simon Favre

Posted Apr 15, 2010

If attendance at the TSMC Technology Symposium in San Jose (link redirects) is any indicator, the economy must be improving. Official attendance was said to be 1500, but it felt like it was more. Of course, there were a lot of TSMC staff milling about, and they did have 2 of the booths in the vendor area for their own offerings, but there were still a lot of people there. The thing EDA vendors like about the TSMC event is that all the attendees are pre-screened. All of them have some business relationship with TSMC, which usually means they either buy Silicon, or they are in the IP or Services business. That means if somebody expresses interest in one of your products, there is potential business there. Of course, they may have absolutely no signature authority, but it all helps. The cost to put up a booth there is low enough that it only takes one or two meaningful discussions to make it worth doing. Things must be looking up if that many people are interested enough to attend. I would say there was a broad cross-section of people there from big digital houses to analog/mixed signal to small design houses. It was a good event.


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Simon FavreSimon Favre is the Technical Marketing Engineer for Calibre YieldAnalyzer. Simon has background in Processing, Custom Design, ASIC Design, and EDA. Most recently, Simon was at Ponte Solutions, which was acquired by Mentor Graphics in May 2008. Simon has extensive technical knowledge in DFM. Simon has worked with Foundries, IDMs and Fabless semiconductor companies worldwide to find the real value of DFM and to integrate DFM into their design flows. Visit Simon’s DFM Corner

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