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Making the Impossible -- Dealing with Patterns Throughout the Design and Manufacturing Flow

Design-style-based (systematic) defects are the major challenge to yield ramp at advanced process nodes, adding to the complexity of the basic process ramp. Because of its involvement in the design, manufacturing, and test, EDA is in a unique position to contribute toward the control, if not the solution, of this problem, through the use of automated pattern detection and analysis. Patterns can be useful throughout the entire flow, from design to verification to manufacturing to test. The goal is a pattern-aware EDA flow that minimizes risk, enhances manufacturing, and quickly finds issues when they occur.

In this pSawicki_Joseph_2014lenary presentation from the 2014 SPIE Advanced Lithography conference, Joseph Sawicki, Vice-President and General Manager of the Design to Silicon Division of Mentor Graphics, explores the many facets of pattern usage within the D2S process, and how pattern awareness can help resolve many of the challenges facing designers today.

For more information about Calibre pattern matching solutions, take a look at these additional resources:

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