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Mentor Graphics User to User (U2U)

Hello all,

Just a friendly reminder, the Mentor Graphics User Group Meeting is just around the corner. It is scheduled for April 26th in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Marriott. If you are a Calibre user, this is your chance to get free access to information on Calibre’s and our roadmap as well as attend sessions on Mentor Graphics solutions in P&R, PCB, Custom IC design, and Test & Yield analysis. There is still time, so don’t be too shy to register now!

Here’s a small sample of what you can find:

  • Calibre Product Roadmap & Update presentation given by David Abercrombie.
  • Details on deriving and matching m & nf device parameters in LVS using DFM operations by Sarojini Rajachidambaram and Venkat Ramasubramanian of Global Foundries.
  • Data splitting for into user-specifiable sub-block space using Calibre DRC/ERC by Arya Raychaudhuri of Fastrack Design and Duc Vu of PLX Technology.
  • And more!

Hope to see you there!



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John FergusonJohn Ferguson has spent the past 13 years focused in the area of physical verification. As a lead technical marketing engineer, his time is dedicated on understanding new requirements and ensuring that the continued development of calibre is properly focused and prioritized. This includes a combination of understanding the requirements of the latest process nodes to ensure that all checks can be accurately coded and implemented in calibre, as well as ensuring that the use models and debugging information are presented in a manner that enables the most efficiency from users. Visit John Ferguson's Blog

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